Monday, April 07, 2008

2nd Annual BoO Playoff Prediction Contest

I'm putting up the trophy I won last year. The rules are simple. Predict the series outcomes and your score is the sum of the differences - understand? You pick Ottawa over Pit 4-1 and it turns out to be 4-0 for Ottawa you'd get 1. If it ends up 4-1 Pit then you'd get 6.
In the 2nd round, your score get multiplied by 1.5, 3rd rnd 1.75 and the final 2.
Lowest score come June wins. You must participate in each round to win.
My picks - and use this format in the comments so I can put in the spreadsheet easily.

Mtl 4
Bos 3

Pit 1
Ott 4

Was 3
Phi 4

NJ 1

Det 4
Nsh 1

SJ 4
Cgy 3

Min 1
Col 4

Ana 3
Dal 4

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