Monday, January 14, 2008


According to one brilliant guy here at BoO, the Leafs run of non-success since the lock-out has been ALL LEAF FAN'S FAULT. It's true. Somehow, we've turned this team into the 28th place shit-show that stands before you. SHAME ON US.
But don't worry, my faithful accomplices, I have a plan! Here is a list of things YOU CAN DO to reverse our current "enabling" state. Lets get together and be like fans in other cities who would NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN, even though the last time one of these clever hockey cities boasted a cup, Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister...

1) Boycotting Home Games:
Yes, you can't get tickets, ever, so boycotting home games will be quite simple. Lets see... millions of fans, and 19,000 seats. That makes it easy. We only need 100% of fans to partake for this to be successful. Oh, and Since 16,000 of those seats are season tickets paid for by corporations and families with last names like Eaton, we really only have to stop 3,000 people from buying tickets. Consider it done.

2) Boycotting Away Games:
You grew up with the Leafs. You watched games with your father and uncles, pretended you were Daryl Sittler on one of Toronto's 52 outdoor rinks, and have loved the Leafs since you were a kid. Now your company has moved you to Anaheim and you have a wife and kids born there and the Leafs are coming for the first time since 2003. Well, don't go. I know, I know, you just want to have a small taste of home and have a beer and share this with your kids. Stay away. You are pretty much grabbing the controls at MLSE and pushing the levers into LOSER position if you spend a cent.

3) Stop watching the games on TV.
If the Leafs keep being a big draw, they'll keep paying MLSE too much money for the rights and then a good GM won't be hired (even though, for some reason, Cliff Fletcher and Pat Quinn got jobs here under these circumstances). It looks like this one is already in effect, as viewership is down across the board for Leaf games. Now we just need to get all the bars to stop the feeds...

4) Be More like Vancouver fans.
When their team was losing a lot in the 90's, they stopped going to games. The minute they made the playoffs, the whole city went and bought new Canuck Jersey's and NHL rulebooks and showed their support. It was something to behold. A city where you can't find a mens league game to save your life and where soccer enjoys more of stronghold than hockey, being a fairweather fan really wakes up management and gets them to put a competitive team on the ice. Along with discounts, promo's, on ice antics and pretty much anything they can do to keep people in the seats other than a natural love of the game. Hey, it may be hollow, but at least they have Roberto Luongo.

I will continue to think of more ways we can take the reins at MLSE. I'm hoping some of you will quit your jobs and focus hours of your day lobbying for the local team. If you have any ideas you would like to add, please feel free.

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