Saturday, January 05, 2008

Post Gold Hockey Night

First off: WOOOOO!

Almost halfway through the season, the Sens host the Bolts and the Leafs host the Flyers (Emery and Raycroft getting the starts).

Check out these career high on-pace totals for the Battle teams:

Spezza - 114 (despite missing 6 games)
Alfredsson - 112
Heatley - 111 (should be good for another 50)
Antropov - 70
Fisher - 59
Vermette - 48
Corvo - 43
Kubina - 42
Schubert - 33
Gill - 32

Not bad considering some of these guys recently signed multi-year contracts.

St. Louis just scored, but I think pizza will be served for the first time in '08.

UPDATE: Dear God, Cassie Campbell is doing colour for the OTT-TB game. Here's me shoving pencils into both ears.

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