Saturday, January 05, 2008

Canada to Sweden: We're Baaaaaaack!

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If there is one thing that unites the province of Ontario (and Canada) it's anytime a hockey team sports a red maple leaf. Actually, any maple leaf unites the country except red = love and blue = hate. It's no different here. Except for Chemmy. He's a dirty American. 4-1 bitch!

Anyway, as I listen to the Canadian anthem and stare at the stunning women the Czechs have given out the player of the game awards (Mason with 36 saves) I am told by Pierre Maguire that Canada has now guaranteed itself a medal for the tenth consecutive year. Program of Excellence indeed. Does Hockey Canada want to try to pass that success on to the Leafs?

Despite being outshot Canada had this game in hand almost from the first shift. Not during the first shift because the Americans dominated that one in almost ridiculous fashion. However, Team Canada responded on the next shift and ran away from there. Two goals in 20 seconds early in the third including a huge gaffe by the US defence sealed the game (does Wozniewski have any junior eligible kids?) and the kids were nice enough to gift the Americans a consolation goal.

So it's Canada looking for revenge against the Swedes for breaking Canada's 20 game winning streak on the back of one terrible period by the team and Ray Emery-in-training supersuck Johnathan Bernier. If the Canucks match today's effort then it will stand them in good stead to increase on Canada's run of three straight titles heading into next year's tournament in the City that Fun Forgot. I feel bad for the kids that missed this year's tourney and will go to Ottawa. The women are nowhere near as hot as Prague's.


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