Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ottawa's Struggles

Ok, it's pretty well documented throughout the blogosphere/traditional media that there are HUGE problems with everything MLSE does down to the skate sharpening guy but....

Ottawa started the year 15-2-0 with 1 win in a shootout and 1 in overtime. They had 57 goals for [3.29/gm]*(56 less the shootout) and 31 goals against [1.82/gm].

Since the morning of their third matchup against the Leafs (a 3-0 loss that in retrospect must feel very embarrassing) they have gone 12-8-4 with 3 losses in shotoouts, 1 in overtime, and no wins after 60 minutes. They have scored 91 goals for [3.79/gm] and have allowed 82 goals against [3.29/gm]* (79 less the shootouts).

So the senators have been 12-12 since they were pegged as possibly being able to break the NHL's win record.

So let's open it up to the floor. When did the senators become a mediocre .500 (the real kind of .500, not the MLSE-speak kind) hockey team with no defence? Who's to blame? Who gets fired? Who gets traded?

* I used the numbers less the shootout goals.

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