Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to work and I'm not happy about it

I couldn't find a link to the story but the Team 1200 was talking this morning about Gerber comments after being pulled. Basically, I understood that Gerber was complaining about getting the hook saying that it doesn't work for motivating the team.

What about motivating you Gerbs? A day or two after Emery's been forced to step back and work on him game in practice you go and basically force Paddock to put Ray back in net by letting in 10 goals on 37 shots in your last two starts.

Now the talk is how Volchenkov's return from his interplanetary work is going to make our goaltending look better. No pressure. Sigh.

Can we start Jeff Glass in Buffalo?

Basically the talk of trading one of Gerber or Emery is ridiculous. Emery is too injury prone right now and Gerber lacks consistency. From what I can see, we're stuck with this issue until Ray gets back into form physically and mentally and re-assumes the No. 1 job.

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