Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sens Gameday: Speaking of Predicaments

Hi. I'm Ray Emery. You may remember me from such off-ice antics as "That $500 Roach-Eating Bet I Won With Alfie" and "The Time I Gave Snoop Dogg The 187 Jersey" or "Some Old Fart On The Queensway - What A Scare He Got!". People used to really appreciate my laid back style and happy-go-lucky attitude. At least when we were ripping through the Eastern Conference playoffs like wet toilet paper. By the time we got around to being lit up by those dudes from Anaheim, well, the act was maybe wearing a little thin.

Anyhow, people have mostly forgotten about me and that's partly a good thing. I've been nursing a back strain from a beer league game a few weeks back. You know, me and the boys like to throw the rock around on my days off. No big deal, Marty's had things under control, but I suppose I should make an appearance in one of my favourite road cities and work on that 3.00 GAA and sub .900 save percentage.

Make it a 5-2 Sens victory tonight (TSN, 7:30 PM EST, Coast to Coast). It'll be a throwback to the Bingo days - Volchie, Kells, Gratts and Antoine'll score, and my old roomie Spezz may get an empty-netter. Hope Andrew Peters stays out of my crease, I hear these Reebok Edge deals are a bitch to hold onto when you're taking punches.

See y'all on the Chippewa Strip after the game.

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