Tuesday, November 06, 2007

30 games in 30 nights

In addition to Jay's post, be sure to read the view from Steve Williamson who is in the middle of his 30 games in 30 nights roadie. He was at Scotiabank Place tonight.

PPP Update: I just wanted to highlight the most topical part of his post.
The dirtiest player in the NHL, Chris Neil, had his own 2-on-1, although the puck was nowhere around. Late in the game, he got into a tussle with Mark Bell, and Bell started throwing punches. Neil, as usual, turtled (for the less than hard-core fan, turtling is when you cover your head and let the other guy hit you to try to draw a penalty), but as soon as another Senator grabbed Bell, only then did Neil began hitting him back. Hitting an defenseless opponent is a typical Chris Neil play, can you tell I don't like him!
Sign him up as a contributor!

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