Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is there something wrong with the Sens?

I'm not going to say the team isn't in a slump as they obviously have been playing poorly relatively speaking. But, the question I'm asking myself is this:

Is there something wrong with the Sens?

Last fall there were definite problems with defensive pairings and Gerber's play.
Is there something that you think is the issue over the past couple of weeks?

If you think there is something, then knowing the 'root cause' of the losses is good to know but doesn't mean it can be fixed quickly or easily. Just ask JFJ who's burning up the phone lines and wondering when to play the Fire the Coach card.
On the flip side, deciding that there isn't a specific root cause to address may be comforting as you'll feel that it's just a matter of bounces and the wins will start flowing again or, to some who need something to point and aim at, it may cause frustration.


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