Saturday, November 24, 2007

Predator Alert!

I know Fisher is looked at as the kindly next door neighbour kind of guy who's friendship with Elgin Fraser melted women's hearts across the country but this kind of logic does not fly:
Fisher is also interested in tying the knot at some point, though he's not quite ready to call his shot. "Thirty is the new 20, eh?" he said. "And I'm 27, so that means I'm only 17."
Be cautious Ottawa area high schools and be on the lookout for this individual:

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And for God's sake if he's wearing a trenchcoat run away!
[glove tap to paul for the find - Note, this is satirical. Mike Fisher, if he is anything like his cousin that I went to school with is a superb human being. Sneaky-dirty hockey player but great person.]

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