Friday, November 02, 2007

"Myth" Confirmed As Fact

Before I was side-tracked by Giggles' contract extension I meant to highlight a new site about the Toronto Media Cox Bloc (now in the sidebar) which has quickly become a daily stop to read their latest deconstruction of the prose offered by the inept Steve Simmons, the bitter Damien Cox, or the completely biased and out to lunch Richard Griffin (the Jays' beat writer for those who care about baseball).

Today (err last night but I was out) they highlighted a competition being run by the Team 1200 (the contest is at the bottom for our regular visitors and former Leafs/Habs fans) that seeks to find the sens best bandwagon jumper. Godd Till and I are both a little perplexed about why they would want to reinforce the stereotype that has plagued the franchise for it's entire reincarnation. There's an existential explanation for why sens nation secretly wears blue and white underneath their red, gold, and black but of France's three contributions to the world I am more interested in the third.

Till's conclusion is probably the scariest and I pity the city. Or I would if I cared about it. Or considered it the capital of Canada.
But that's not the scariest part, dear reader. This sad stunt is yet another reminder that, as much as reading Simmons or listening to Watters makes us long for the sweet relief of a nailgun pressed to the temple and fired, they are role models to the Ottawa media. They're where the Ottawa guys want to be. So take some pity on the sad sacks in the nation's capital, and give them a break or two. The Leafs always do - in the regular season, anyways.

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