Tuesday, November 27, 2007

D-Day Thread: Hello Habs

Geez, what a great night to play the Habs. The Leafs never have difficult games against the Habs when they are in dire straits. Never.

Number one reason this game will be interesting? One team can't win when leading (.182 and .143 after 1 and 2 periods respectively) and the other can't win when trailing (.000 and .000 after 1 and 2 periods respectively). Something will probably give tonight.

Don't forget the great special teams battle. The Habs top ranked unit (ie their entire offence) takes on the 15th ranked Leafs PK (something they do at least acceptably well) while the Leafs 27th ranked powerplay will be made to look stupid by the 18th ranked PK of the Habs.

Who will win? Whoever gets to play their game. If there are lots of penalties the Habs will sneak out a win. Lots of 5 on 5 play and the Habs players will be asking which of the Leafs' backups is playing.

Predictions? Make 'em at the real Game Day Thread.

But here's mine anyway: Leafs 6 - Habs 1 - Damien Cox writes article wondering What's the Big Deal?

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