Thursday, November 22, 2007

The BoO Quarterly Report Card

The season is around 1/4 finished and by now we've had a chance to see what our teams are made of. I thought it was time for us to assess.

If you so desire, give your team (or both teams) a letter grade in the following categories. Or make up new categories. Whatever.

1) Goaltending
2) Defence
3) Offence
4) Coaching
5) Management
6) Overall

Here is my stab at it for Toronto:


Both tenders have shown flashes, but when an opposition player gets a chance in the Toronto zone I'm praying the shot doesn't make it to the net. Not exactly the confidence one would hope for.
Most goals against in the NHL and most of those thanks to defensive zone breakdowns. If it weren't for the offence's share in all this this would easily be a big F. Can you give an F-?
Yes, Toronto have scored goals. Lots of them. Mats is on fire, and the PP is starting to click thanks to the return of Wellwood. It would be an A+, except these guys don't want to come back and help their D very much.
Sorry Paul. You give a great interview and I suspect you could actually be a genius and I even think you have a system in your head that would win a Stanley Cup. Only problem is, a coach also needs to get his players to actually fulfill his systematic needs. Get these fucking guys on the same page or try something else.
This score will surprise a few. However I think I "get" where JFJ is going with this team and in a NOW NOW NOW market we all have to be a little more patient. On paper the team is getting better and the prospect pool and farm system is getting better and taking this team from high paid veterans with no prospects to what we have now is an accomplishment. The Rask deal, as silly as it looked Tuesday, cannot possibly be weighed until the kid has played a season or two. Show me a goaltender who won his first NHL game and I'll show you a bunch of tenders you've never heard of since.
What other score can you give to a team skating circles in the Eastern Conference neutral zone? In every sense of the word, it has been an average season.

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