Thursday, November 29, 2007

Game Day: Leafs at Thrashers

IT ALL STARTS NOW! GO LEAFS GO! Time to rally around the coach and get that bunker mentality because it's you against the world (The Star/Sun/Globe/Assembled anti-Leaf forces) and they are not taking any prisoners. Man up boys and show the league that slow starts don't kill teams, cornered teams kill teams. These are the Thrashers. They used to be your bitches.

Remember that game? It had a good old fashioned brawl because those dirty Stars and Bars bastards couldn't handle having the score run up on them. Well, time to remind them about how shitty that makes you feel. Hartley is gone but that bum Exelby is still pretending to be an NHLer. Get the job done Belly (the good ol' Canadian boy not Emery's faux rap star buddy). Just don't end a period trailing:
here is your scary stat of the night: The Thrashers have winning percentages of 1.000 and .857 when leading after 1 and 2 periods respectively while the Leafs have winning percentages of .182 and .143 when trailing after those same intervals. If the horn sounds to end a period and the Thrashers have a lead then odds are that the Leafs are done.
So get on them early and often like a Georgia Bulldog on his sister. GO LEAFS GO!!! WOOO-HOOOO!