Saturday, November 17, 2007

Battle Game Night: Coming up on the quarter mark

A tale of two teams as we go into Round 4 of the 07-08 BoO. The Leafs remain in the league's top three in terms of Goals For, whereas the Sens are the league's stingiest, averaging only two goals allowed per game.

While projecing trends from a limited sample size is always risky business, both teams feature players of varying ages having career years. Noteably for the Sens, the 120 point pace of Alfredsson (who's feeler 'better than ever' about his game), a 70 point campaign by Mike Fisher (if he stays healthy) and a 55 point campaign by Antoine Vermette. The man formerly known as the Gerbatross is only three wins away from eclipsing last year's total and, is well on pace for a career highs in wins, goals against and save %. Since last year at this time, he's gone 24-2-2, which is pretty sick.

For the Leafs, Antropov is on a 74 point pace...and, uhm

The Captain continues to provide inspirational blog posts to match his inspirational play, and the Alfie-approved comments show that Sens Nation is on board and Kool-aided up for another long run in the post season.

Meanwhile, in fantasyland the A's continue to light up the board in the BoOB, prompting the GM to watch the max games played closely. My general theory is to run them ragged, cashing in on hot players knowing injuries may be right around the corner. I've also got to watch my back, with Muppets and Puppets closing in on the top five and BoO alums / admins patiently clawing their way into the top ten. Unfortunately, as I'm at the top of the heap you're going to be subject to yet another round of cheeseball metal, apropros of the A's and the Sen's tremendous starts, let's keep on rollin' with Fred Durst and the boys. Question of the night: In another 15 years or so, will rapmetal look more or less ridiculous to us as hairmetal does today?

Happy drinking!


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