Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trust in agents

The Sun had an article stating that Spezza's agent has been talking to Murray.

What I find most interesting about the process is how hands off the players are with these things. From the article...

While Spezza isn't sure where the talks stand, it's believed Curran is seeking a long-term extension...

"The team wants to get something done. I want try to get something done. But, to be honest, it hasn't gotten to the point where (a contract) has come to me just yet," said Spezza.
I brought up a somewhat similiar issue with the Heatley talks. Maybe it's somewhat posturing -the player doesn't divulge his intentions or knowledge to the media so he's not hounded on the day to day updates - that would make some sense. If it's not that though the player must actually trusts his agent to understand all the intangibles that come into making the contract choices more than I could ever.

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