Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The reviews are in!!

Lankof: Maple Leafs look lost in loss

Instead they were every definition of awful. "We could go through the whole list," said head coach Paul Maurice, who stared across the ice in the third period like he was seeing a ghost. "We were just very poor in most areas of the game."
When the coach doesn't even try to sugarcoat an effort, you know it's bad. When the best players on the ice are the guy with cancer and the goalie, you know it's bad.

Zeisberger: Holiday on Ice for Leafs

The disgraceful effort should send warning signs to coach Paul Maurice and general manager John Ferguson on a number of fronts.
First off, management and players stressed throughout training camp the importance of taking advantage of a home-heavy schedule in the early part of the campaign.
With eight of their first 10 outings at the Air Canada Centre, the Leafs knew the tone of the season could be set in that span.
So far, so bad.

and the finale....

Cox: Not much hope for these Leafs

Losing 7-1 in humiliating fashion to the Hurricanes in the third home game of the season was a stunning pratfall for the Leafs, a group of athletes who once again had a lot of promises going into the season. Just more talk. Barely a bodycheck thrown last night, folks.


How could it have gone this bad so soon?

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