Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sens gameday

The sens look to continue their reversion to form (hot regular season, terrible playoffs) with a 5th consecutive victory against the Thrashers tonight. Luckily for them Hossa is out. Their PK is 'perfect' and their top line is 'untouchable' and their goaltending is 'amazing'. Yeah, sounds just like every regular season not including last year. And what did all of those years include? A playoff failure long before the final. You have 78 games to prepare yourselves for the inevitable failure. Like true government employees you'll procrastinate while the Type-As in TO get a head start.

So enjoy your regular season sens fans. Seriously, enjoy it. You live in ottawa, hockey should at least distract you from that. You just wish you had a player like Belak to lift you to the next level.

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