Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ok, it's hard to track comments when they surpass 130 so time for another thread.

The more things change the more they stay the same. The Leafs outplayed the senators for long stretches of the game but the senators showed their pedigree by pulling out a 4-3 win in OT. That makes them 4-0 starting the season in Toronto. Let's do something about the schedule so we open against anyone else.

Blake - Man was he zippy. I don't remember the last time the Leafs had a guy that fast. He gave the sens' defence fits all night.

Antropov - Awesome. If he can stay healthy then Muppet and I won't look stupid for predicting big things for him.

Wozniewski - Two assists and generally a very good game. Keep that up and people will change their mind about you.

Steen - Stajan - Poni - An entire line of young, homegrown players? Weird. They were great along the boards and won a lot of battles with the sens' defence. I really like the look of this unit.

PK - The Leafs have one this year? That would be great news.

Vermette - Wow. Jay suddenly looks like a genius. Those are some serious wheels.

Redden - (Edited for my stupidity) So much aggression. It must be either the coke or some roids or maybe a desire to stop stealing his paycheque from the sens.

Heatley - Shows why he got the big bucks. He's locked up for his prime for a reasonable number considering he was about $1.5M away from the sens' offer. Like the NFL capologists say "In a cap system you can pay players big money just make sure that it's the right player." Dany Heatley is definitely the right player.

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