Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sweet Widgety Goodness

Check out the new NHL Dashboard widgets from Kelly Phillips at It even has special BoA/O/C/NY/P functionality (see Andy's screenshots here).

Only works for us Mac snobs at the moment, but a Yahoo! version is forthcoming.

PPP Update: Andy Grabia of The Battle of Alberta sent along these instructions for anyone that has a Mac and wants to add the widget which is supposed to be awesome. I have to wait for the PC version...dammit.

1) Make sure they are using a Mac. This version won't work on a PC. A PC version is coming soon, but it ain't ready yet.

2) Go to this page:

3) Click on the "Download Dashboard" button at the bottom of that page.

4) It will download to your desktop, open, and then ask if you want to install. You say, "yes."

5) The widget should pop up. It will have the score for the season so far.

6) Click on the options button at the top.

7) Scroll down until you find the Battle of Ontario options. You can either look at the feed, or at the matchups.

8) All done.

9) There are tons of other options, and preferences they can choose from. They should play around and see what they like.

10) If there are questions, I would suggest two ways of attempting to answer them. Within the Options section of the widget itself, there is a "Help & FAQ" section. Scroll to the bottom of the widget options to find it. If that doesn't answer the question, post your query here for Kelly to answer.

JAYUPDATE: Yahoo version has been released.

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