Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday night!

A few hours from gametime.

Big game - for a few into the season - at the ACC. The Habs-Leafs tilts is one that I wish I had a two TV setup so I could watch it and the Sens. These two are obviously expected to fight over a playoff berth so a lot of pressure on both - more on Toronto of course with their winless record.

All the spotlight will be on Toronto's goaltender.

Did you read Cox's article? I just love how he is able to bring it every column. He's talking about the franchise record for goals and writes this:
It's no surprise, really, that the individual goals figure at the top of the Leaf all-time list is the lowest of the Original Six franchises.
For decades, players either haven't been good enough to push the bar higher, or they didn't stay in town long enough to do so.
Even Sittler was a Leaf for slightly less than 12 seasons.
Sundin, the most dominant and accomplished Leaf figure of my working life in the sports reporting racket, is now in his 13th, and it could be his last.

What a franchise.

Here at home we get to watch the new and improved Rangers. I'm interested to see how Alfie's minutes end up as he's logged 26 and 25 in the first two games - more than I'd like to see personally. He's picking up some of the PK slack in McAmmond's absence.

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