Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jiri Tlusty Come On Down!

Jiri Tlusty and Staffan Kronwall are making the trip to Pittsburgh with the former guaranteed a spot in the lineup (have a seat Wade) and the former possibly playing in lieu of an injured Bryan McCabe. Somehow Wozniewski is back in the lineup and that can only be because he has comprimising pictures of JFJ.

Since the season is officially over it's a good chance for the kids to get more ice-time. Then again, it could work out like the 2006 Hurricanes or the 1986 Canadiens where super-duper rookies led veteran-laden squads to Stanley Cup Glory. In fact, that is my prediction. Sorry sens fans, hope you enjoyed making the finals last year because in the words of Matt Hasselbeck - We are going and we're gonna win!*

*Completely ignore how that particular prediction worked out for the balding QB.

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