Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leafs Game Day!

WOOOO!! Time for redemption and to get the season back on track against the surprising Islanders (Does the NHL view that decade of Ted Nolan-free coaching as a crime?). A win tonight will lower blood pressure levels across the country and put the Leafs right back in the playoff hunt. Wait, it's just the fifth game of the season? That gives thing a bit of perspective. Maybe I won't lose my shit if the Leafs lose but I'd rather not find out.

The Islanders are coming off of a win last night against the Rangers and the Leafs have apparently made some interesting changes. Whether those changes make a difference is a whole other matter but, yes DC, once again the Leafs are looking towards 4th liners and rookies to give the team a boost.

This is the fourth of eight home games in the season's first 10 games. The Leafs are 1-1-1 which is just barely acceptable especially for a club that used to regularly dominate on home ice. Maybe we need more Saturday night games.

Anyway, during the game you can stick around here and be bombarded with sens fans and their comments or come to the warm embracing arms of the Leafs'-only game thread.

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