Monday, October 08, 2007

(Hot) Turkey Day In Canada

With abnormal holiday temps soaring into the thirties back east, the undefeated Sens host the wandering, Rafalski and Gomez-less Jersey Swamp Rats at 3:00 PM eastern, 12:00 PM pacific (available on Sportsnet East or the Team 1200).

Brent Sutter has his first NHL win out of the way, and will need to somehow come up with a better checking line plan than the one Alfie and co. walked through on their way to EC finals.

Meanwhile, the leafs managed to convert on a late OT powerplay Saturday night, keeping them from becoming the gobblers of the Northeast.

If Marty tha G. keeps on deflecting pucks, I'm going to have to go ahead and start an online petition to retain that black mask. The new design has apparently been delivered, but it's not quite broken in and ready to go yet. Let us all pray it's not another one of those euro metal death beast themes.

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