Monday, November 13, 2006

New Leaf Member for the Battle of Ontario

So, I think we've got a good sample from the persons interested in joining in the fun here. Here are their posts:
What you dont want to see on the main / front page, and you only want to see on the item page
Let’s call it “The battle of the overpaid defenceman"
BoO Poll

The Leaf prospect pipeline

The Muppet:
Leafs defence now a thing of envy?
Where is Alfie?
Sundin dished off to Alfredsson!
The truth about Ottawa

The Mad Hockey Blogger:
Battle of Ontario Losing Steam?
Sens Going After Critics?

Pension Plan Puppets:
The Life of Bryan
Class Is In Session
Forbes' Doesn't Do Hockey

Can people send me a mail on who you think would be the best addition to the team.

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