Friday, November 10, 2006

Forbes' Doesn't Do Hockey

Financial magazine Forbes just released it's report on the health of the NHL titled The Business of Hockey. It includes a look at the best selling jerseys in the NHL (you'll find some surprises there), the success of the Buffalo Sabres, and a ranking of franchise values. No surprises here as the Leafs beat the Sens:

Name: Toronto Maple Leafs
Rank: 1
Current Value: $332 mil

Ottawa Senators
Rank: 14
Current Value: $159 mil
The report doesn't really contain any earth shattering revelations. It touches on the league's need for better TV contracts, that team values have risen thanks to the fixed nature of players' salaries, and that revenue sharing needs to be improved. However, in it's feature on the Ultimate NHL Franchise it features this entry for GM:

General Manager: John Muckler
The Ottawa Senators' GM has achieved the best on-ice results compared with his team's payroll. His wins-to-player cost ratio has averaged 146 (46% better than the typical team) over the past three years, the best in the NHL.
Hmmm. Maybe this report isn't as insightful as it purports to be.

(This post was written by Pension Plan Puppets. His third entry in the search for a new BoO Leaf member.)

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