Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knee Jerk time

My opinion: Fire Murray.
He inheritated a system from Jacques Martin with Hasek added and they went on a tear the first two months of the season last year. Since then the team has been totally average.

Other Sens fans:

A pretty big trade or a pink slip, I think. I'm not panicking as much as most of you are, but I have to think the top brass can sense the level of discontent and they'll do something, even if it's not necessarily the right move.

Sens Underground:
People are calling for Alfie's head, Murray's head, and Muckler's head. People have it right. It's in their heads. The players heads. They have the ability to get it done. Is a coaching change in order? Is a GM change in order? Is a Captain change in order? Nope! A mental shift is in order. Once they listen to the coach and get their heads out of their asses, all will be fine

I want to believe this is the sort of thing that can be fixed. I want to believe that some sort of chemistry or compromise can be coaxed out of them, through team bonding exercises or grueling roadtrips or fights, but the New York Rangers are the living proof to contest that. And you know, shame on me for saying this a month into the season, but the team's had plenty of opportunities to prove otherwise. And they still do.
(Not that Leaf fans should talk. Out of our 5 measly wins, 3 are against you.)


I was always one to say, "Give it a few weeks - it's too early in the season to make changes." But after witnessing Monday's game in person at the Verizon Center, I think changes are in order ASAP.
I would like to canvass Sens Nation right now, to see what changes you would like to see happen in Ottawa. I've heard so many theories thrown out there, but I would like to get a consensus opinion from Senators fans.

There was a time when the Senators were capable of taking their foot off the gas after securing a 2-3 goal lead. After said lead was obtained, the team went into a defensive-mode shutdown -- one of the signature moves of Jacques Martin's repertoire. It wasn't exciting, but more often than not, it was effective in the regular season.
Currently, the team seems content to secure a lead, without further planning that will ensure a victory.
Whose handiwork is this? The team's? Bryan Murray's?

The most worrisome aspect of the Ottawa Senators' latest collapse -- coming from ahead to lose 4-3 to the Washington Capitals -- is this quote the Washington Times attributed to Alex Ovechkin, who said the Sens were laughing and joking after they got up three goals in the first period:
"It looked like their (attitude) wasn't very good," the Times quoted Afleet Alex. "That got us angry."
When the sub-.500 Sens let up on the first game of a long road trip, that's a troubling sign.

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