Friday, November 24, 2006

Shake That Moneymaker

Tonight the Leafs travel to Washington to take on both Alexander the Greats (that's what happens when you have two good Alexanders on one team), Olaf Kolzig, and a bunch of nobodies. One guy they won't have to worry about is Donald Brashear. He went after one of the Thrashers cheap shot artists, Vishnevski, who previously went after Michael Peca's knee so I am not entirely broken up about the pummeling that Brashear delivered.

Japers' Rink has a good roundup of the pre-game. I did not know that the Caps had dropped 4 in a row. They are primed to deliver a great performance and of course it will come at the expense of the buds.

For those not blessed with LeafsTV the game will probably be available on the amazing TVU Player. I use it to follow Liverpool's games when they are not broadcast and it is a great program. They usually broadcast the game that gets the most votes in the forum and thanks to the legions of Leaf fans it is usually that night's Leafs broadcast.

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