Friday, November 10, 2006

Sundin dished off to Alfredsson!

It’s been well documented: Mats Sundin and Daniel Alfreddson play some damn good hockey together.
They would probably become the best one-two punch in the NHL if they were on a line.

Of course, we haven’t seen too many mid-season trades between division rivals since probably the original six days, but what if the Leafs traded for Alfredsson?
Ok, it’s crazy, silly, would never happen... But say you were the GM on either side. Who would you offer or who would you expect in return for this trade to happen?

Keep in mind Alfreddson makes about 4.7 Million, and with salary cap you would want to send around the same money back. Package deals could work too (although no Jason Spezza to Toronto. I would kill myself).
You will find Leaf player salaries here and Senators salaries here.

Be fair.

I’ll go first. It would hurt, but you have to give up something of value. I would trade Kaberle and one of Sugolbov or Tellquist.

(This post was written by The Muppet. His third entry in the search for a new BoO Leaf member)

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