Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Lionel Hutz

Who is Sheldon Plener?

After listening to some people it sounded like Melnyk sent a money man to beat on Mlakar, Muckler, and Murray.

Well, from reading his bio, I think Plenner has a little more sports knowledge than you might have thought:
Today he is a Director, Secretary and an Alternate NHL Governor for the Ottawa Senators, and a Director and Secretary of Scotiabank Place. He is on the Board of Directors of St. Michael's Majors and is a Governor of the Ontario Hockey League representing St. Michael's Majors. He is also an authorized player representative for the Professional Lacrosse Players Association.

He was also the primary lawyer involved in negotiating the terms of the Toronto Raptors' Basketball Team expansion agreement with the NBA and was the Founding Secretary of the Raptors. Some of his other sports-related clients include Pat Quinn of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Glen Grunwald, formerly of the Toronto Raptors.

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