Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Press It - You Know You Want To...

Fifth Straight Loss, Third Straight Lead Blown

I will never make fun of the Southeast division again.

UPDATE: A quick check of the sitemeter indicates the search terms "fire+john+muckler" drawing plenty of disgruntled eastern Ontario fans to our humble outpost.

If you want the full Muckler rap sheet, Hockey Country and The Universal Cynic have laid it all out for your consideration. I can't believe he let Todd Simpson walk! Seriously, though if there's a specific reason to throw Muckler under the bus, I think his biggest failure has to be not landing a serious #1 goaltender when the club was in its pre-cap prime. Emery will grow into this role, but when you think about that 03/04 window, having someone who capable of making one or two clutch saves per game would've made all the difference.

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