Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What it takes to win (Leafs 5 Habs 3)

By The Meatriarchy

So the die has been struck and the blueprint set for what the Leafs must do to make the playoffs:

  1. Sundin must bring his A game (as he did last night with two goals)
  2. Belfour must play like his old self (as he did last night) and by old I mean his former self - not his old creaky self
  3. The officiating must be favorable.
  4. They must play a team that has played three games in four nights and is dog tired.
  5. Kaberle must shoot the puck. (ok that isn't going to happen)

However Belfour might have been playing for a trade last night. He certainly showed that he can turn it on when he wants to. Unfortunately he hasn't been turning it on regularly this year.

Speculation has it that Belfour might have played his last game as a Leaf with Vancouver and Edmonton reported as possible destinations. Belfour however has a no-trade cluase and will reportedly only waive it if the other team picks up his hefty 4.5 million option next year.

That might scare other teams off considering Curtis Joseph is a far more attractive rental.

Oh and welcome to Tart Cider now blogging for the good guys on this blog. I don't think the team would have a better chance of making the playoffs if it is blown up though and Czerkawski has been waived.


  1. I can't believe people are still on about Kaberle not shooting. He had four shots last night — all dangerous, one a goal — to say nothing of a four-point night on which he was a holy terror out there. 61 games into this season he has two more shots than in any full season in his career, and he's the 17th shootingest d-man in the entire NHL. The madness must end!

  2. But Harry Neale said he had a no-shoot clause in his contract!

  3. I outlined this as number 5 which was part of the things that happened last night when the Leafs won.

    Yes he shoots but he still passes when he should shoot. Number of shots isn't the pure indicator.

  4. #6.Dive,Dive Dive!