Friday, March 03, 2006


By The Meatriarchy

Ecklund says that McCabe will re-sign with the Leafs over the weekend for four more years.

Hockey Leaks says that Calgary is interested in Tucker.

There is also talk that Ottawa might be interested in Ranger Goalie Kevin Weekes.

The trade deadline is now 6 days away but I don't think it will be as trade heavy as years gone by. For some reason I have this feeling that the salary cap will dampen some of the activity.

However I could be wrong. Post any rumours you hear in the comments.


  1. I think both Tucker and McCabe are in the "we want to sign to a contract but if we can't we will consider trading" category.

    If I were the Leafs I would consider trading one or two of Klee, Berg and Khavanov. All are free agents at seasons end and youngsters Harrison and Kronvall have shown enough to be given the opportunity to play in the NHL. Klee would probably net the most return so might be the best choice to be traded.

  2. Isn't Tucker under contract beyond this season? I've been trying to find team-cap scenarios on line all day, with no luck.

    And I whole-heartedly agree with moving Klee. Preferably the sooner the better.

  3. No, Tucker is not signed for next year. Only Sundin, O'Neill, Domi, Belak, Kaberle and maybe a few of the rookies are signed beyond this year. I posted the Leafs payroll status on my blog before the year began at The only change from that I think is Kaberle signing a 5 year extension at $4.25 million per year. I posted one for Ottawa as well at

  4. David, you the man. Nice work. I remember reading it when you posted it.

    I thought I read somewhere earlier today that the Leafs had about $18m in contracts. Maybe that was before my mornin' joe.

  5. Sens Win Battle of Ontario,again,become only hope to bring back Lord Stanley to the province.
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  6. Umm, I'll just get practicing my Heimlich. Y'know, in case thing that always happens, happens.

  7. Good idea,it looks like the Leafs will choke early this year

  8. Umm, if your team's been behind all year, and then loses, is it really choking?
    What if your team finishes first in the league, then gets eliminated early in the playoffs?

  9. You mean like Detroit? It happens to the best and the rest.
    Your team "was" in the playoff race and they choked!Too bad they are going to screw up their chances for next year too.Blow up the Leafs

  10. um, but detroit then actually wins the stanley cup sometimes whereas les noir, rouge, et d'or....