Friday, March 17, 2006

How It's Done

BoO has been the relatively low-smack alternative to our western counterparts this year, owing at least partly to the fact that the Mighty Sens are 7-0 and have outscored the Leafs something like 180 to 3. But despite the near impossibility of another first round "Battle", it's instructive to keep those knives sharpened like they do out west:

"The worst part about being a Flames fan is constantly having to explain simple concepts to Oilers fans. Concepts like 81 points is better than 76, especially when you have two games in hand over the team with 76 points. Playing “boring” hockey is fine if you win enough to be first in your division, especially if you have three games in hand over the second place team. Having a sound defense and a great goalie is a good plan for playoff hockey, especially when there are no shoot-out for the offensively talented, yet goaltender poor, Oilers to get some cheap wins. That system worked well for the Flames in the last season’s playoffs, but I can’t remember how the Oilers did in those playoffs. Can anybody remind me? Did they even make it with all of their offensive talent? I guess all the recent success the Flames had sort of made me, and every other hockey fan, forget about the Oilers.

Go Flames."

vs Cosh:

"Always nice to receive a dispatch from the alternate universe where the Gelinas goal went in, the '04 Flames didn't slink off to the Pantheon of Great Chokejobs, and a shirtless Jarome Iginla led a Stanley Cup parade through the streets of Calgary on the back of a rainbow-coloured unicorn."


  1. Dynamite response.

    I laughed out loud!

  2. No-one who's read both sites can really claim this is the 'low smack' alternative. There is more random, frothing aggression here than BoA by a long shot. They do have more comedy, however... did the Leafs ever record a music video?

  3. Yep.

    Back in 93 I beleive...
    It was on "the Passion Returns" video.

    "Leafs are the best, better than all the rest... from the East coast to the West... Leafs are the best!"


  4. They did a Hound Line video too no?

  5. Remember the Sens commercial...

    Alfie, Alfie, go top shelfie!


  6. Off to Calgary for two weeks...

    Finally I can go somewhere and cheer for the home team!

  7. or you could pretend to be a Penguin fan...

  8. or you can be a gay Sens fan like Duff!

  9. Sorry to disapoint you Yoda,but I think you are trolling the wrong site.
    It looks as though Emery can handle the pressure after all.As with any rookie goalie there are going to be those moments that make you wonder but it's obvious to me that he could win a series or two thus giving Hasek the time to return when he's ready.
    Quite frankly I would prefer to see Emery in nets for the first round of the playoffs just in case the opposition tries to "goon it up" ie.Domi

  10. Domi doesn't goon it up. Domi goes out and fights, he doesn't take cheap shots. Well he's had a few but he doesn't do it constantly.

    If you want to rely on Emery who was out of position most of the time last, made some really shaky saves, and just didn't look that good then fine. He does show briliance bet he doesn't have what it takes to win a cup. Just wait till he gets about 40 shots per game and I bet you he lets in 4+ goals. If Buffalo had of put the pressure they did on the Sens in the 3rd period the whole game they would have won easily. The sens can't rely that the oposition teams won't bring their best game.

    Anyway you guy's have fun and if Emery does play in the playoffs have fun Golfing after the first round.

  11. When's the last time anyone had 40 shots against the Sens? Certainly not anyone that would meet them in the first round with maybe the exception of Atlanta.The Sens can play it anyway they have to and if that means the trap then so be it.They were playing a defensive game in the third as you would in the playoffs to protect a lead.This team is for real but go ahead and underestimate them.Victory will be that much sweeter!

  12. I don't think we have to worry about Domi. Do you notice how he refuses to make eye contact with McGrattan. He's still looking for Arvedson.

  13. I don't think anyone is underestimating them. They have a great team and they are one of the top teams in the league. I've said that numerous times. All I'm saying is that I don't think they are a team that can win the Cup. If Hasek comes back the way he was and stays injury free then yeah they are in the top 4 contenders. But if Emery has to play the games he will get shot to hell, and it will be Lalime situation all over again.

    Can you show me any game where Emery has looked solid all games> He's made some really shaky plays and never seems to have the right angles.

  14. I can't show you any games with Emery because the friggin CBC is not into quality programming!!!!!