Thursday, March 02, 2006

One week to the trade deadline

To add onto the last post, here's an open post for people to speculate what the Leafs and Sens will do at the deadline.

As the Hasek Crotch Watch (hattip to the Team 1200) continues will Muckler add an experienced goalie? Will he pick up a center?

Will JFJ make some major changes - can he?

UPDATE: To help prime the pump, here's some bits from McKenzie's column:
8) As teams phone to inquire about Keith Tkachuk in St. Louis and Ed Belfour in Toronto, and teams are calling on both, something to keep in mind; they have no-trade clauses and what they will no doubt want to waive those is a commitment to pick up their club options next season, which for Belfour is $4.84 million and for Tkachuk, $3.8 million in actual salary but $5.7 against the cap.
2) If, however, Jokinen is going to be dealt by the Panthers, the Ottawa Senators will be at the front of the line to get him, but they won't be parting with, as rumoured, Anton Volchenkov or any other blue chipper off their roster. A Jokinen deal will be done for draft picks, some high drafts picks and perhaps many draft picks, but just draft picks.
1) The Ottawa Senators may be the best team in the NHL and GM John Muckler says publicly he won't be disappointed if he goes into the playoffs with his current lineup, but that isn't stopping him from burning up the phone lines in search of a veteran backup for Dominik Hasek but more importantly a front-line forward with size and grit, like Jokinen or Vancouver's Todd Bertuzzi or any impact player who can help get the Senators over the Stanley Cup hump.
Bertuzzi? Discuss.


  1. Engrained in my Leafs-fan subconcious... the possibility that McCabe will be traded, but not for the future. For some player in his last year or two, in preparation for some mythical playoff run. God. They'd trade for Sundin if we didn't already have him. Or Lindros.
    As has been said by others sharper than I, the goalie market's a bit hot right now. Any wild theories out there I've missed?

  2. What about Owen Nolan?

  3. So much for Owen Nolan...

  4. I'd like to see Derek Morris in a Leafs uniform.

  5. Would the Leafs trade their backup goalie? Obviously not to Ottawa but I think he is a keeper( telqvist?)

  6. What about something like Giguere to Ottawa for some scoring potential? Burke's a player.

    I could get Jiggy with it.