Monday, March 13, 2006

Was he drinking on the plane?

Some pretty (and rare) candid talk from Alfie in this column about Ovechkin:
“He can make chicken soup out of chicken (bleep),” said Alfredsson. “Everybody is coached so well, every defenceman knows how to play the one-on-one. It’s very rare that you see it and he can beat people clean. That’s the key. He can create chances from nothing, really.
“I just think he’s got everything you could want. He’s a great skater, he’s a great stickhandler, good one-on-one and he’s got a really good work ethic.
“He’s the best player consistently. What he’s done with that team? To be able to put up those numbers ... but I don’t think he’s all about the numbers, either.”
“I haven’t seen a rookie like him in I don’t know how long. Kovalchuk was good, but he’s another step ahead of him, just because he adds another dimension of being physical.
“He doesn’t get frustrated if he gets hit, either. He gets up and keeps playing. Not like the other rookie (Crosby), who starts crying. I think there’s a big difference in the attitude. He’s pretty impressive with the way he’s handled himself overall. He loves the game, no question.”
Crying? Sid the Kid's going to have to shake that rap.


  1. Coming from a guy who won rookie of the year at 23/24 years of age.

    I wonder if he watched the 04/05 World Junior tourney... Ovechkin's pout-fest in the final game.

    There's no doubt he's been better than Crosby this year (albeit slightly), but he's got a year or two on him and he's already played a year of pro.

    Didn't have anywhere near the pressure Crosby had on him either.

  2. five-o, I had that written but the damn thing wouldn't submit. F'in google. Crosby is coming up from Junior Hockey in the Q. No where near the level of the Russian Super Elite league, let lone the NHL. Give Crosby another year and we'll see who the better player is.

    And yeah the WJC's last year when he sat out on the bench instead of going into the dressing room. Crosby has a more complete game, Ovechking is a better scorer right now.

    But the "Next Gretzky" will bring his game. And I ain't the one thaat anointed him the Next Gretzky.

  3. That kid's tough. Anyone growing up in Canada with everyone looking for the 'Next One' has to be pretty tough. Hell, the Canadian system almost selects against the Ovechkins and Malkins of the world.

    And he's on a shitty, shitty team (I know the Caps suck this year too but c'mon). They'll be great in a few years IF they're still around, but man would it suck to have 2-3 of your best years stolen by being on a crappy team -- especially when you've been told to stop showboating and distribute the puck and then all of a sudden there's no one to distribute it to.

    He'll be fine. Can't let the physical play get to you though or you'll be an even bigger target.

  4. Not to take away from Ovechkin though...
    He really does love the game and he obviously knows how to hit and be hit. I just don't like how everyone is getting down on Crosby. He's what, 5-10 points behind Ovechkin? He could easily have a few good games and catch up to him.

    You can't really compare the two. It's like Gretzky and Lemieux, two totally different players.

  5. What's Alfredsson know anyways?

    It took him 11 years to finally play like a captain!

  6. He hasn't really started to play like a Captain. Going off and dissing another player in the league who has done nothing to Alfredsson is a bit childish. Kovalchuk I can see spouting off at Crosby cause they have some blood but what the hell has Crosby done.

  7. Boy Crosby sure gets no respect these days.

    Christ he is only 18 I wish the media and some of these players would lay off him.

    I wonder what Don Cherry would have to say about Alfie's comments? A Swede saying a Canadian can't take a hit?

    What's the world coming to?

    BTW - I do second Alfie's comments on Ovechkin - that guy is amazing to watch.

  8. No comments about Alfie approaching Domi with his stick in the air after Tie went after Arvedsson?

    Come on guys!

    BTW - I miss those Leafs. Bring back Corson and Green to get Tucker back into his crazy eyes days.

  9. I think deep down inside Alfreddson hates Canadians.

    Damn Swede!

  10. I just want to know why Alfie made those remarks. It was uncalled for. Crosby is 5 points behind Ovechkin and is playing really well lately.

    I agree with Meatriarchy, Crosby is getting shit on for some reason. He's a very charitable person. Has done a lot for his hometown and for Pittsburgh. He is a very classy guy, kind of reminds me of his Boss, Mario.

    Crosby is a complete player who gets things done. Ovechkin is a flashy player, but I don't think he's as much a complete player as Crosby. Plus Crosby has had some pretty amazing goals but Ovechkins falling, behind the head twisting goal was pretty cool.

    If you want to see some Ovechkin highlights Click Here Though I still like this goal, didn't like the timing of it as they were slaughtering the team at that point but Click Here