Friday, March 24, 2006

I'd thought I'd seen it all.....

By The Meatriarchy

I've been watching hockey avidly for something like 23 years (well I didn't watch a lot in the early to mid 80's when I was sewing my wild oats). So I've seen lots of things.

But I think last night was the first time I saw a team actually throw a game. How else to explain the performance of a team who on Tuesday played one of their best games of the season only to seem so out of it last night?

Did they even get a shot on Cristobal? Well yes 34. But I don't seem to recall him making any tough saves.

But then again I stopped paying really close attention after the first period. I pegged this game as a must win for the Leafs. If not the best they could hope for was not to lose ground by winning Saturday's game. If the Leafs had won last night all of the pressure would have been on Montreal to win Saturday's game.

As it stands Montreal answered the bell last night. The Leafs just hit the snooze button and rolled over.


  1. Ding dong the Leafs are dead.

    Who's playing "it's still good" now?

  2. And here I thought you'd be all ready for the rematch on Saturday.

    Does anyone have a screen capture from the TSN scorebox going haywire and showing the score as 53-0 for the Leafs? (Or 42-0 just a few seconds later, or 0-15, or ...?)

  3. To have a rematch, you first have to have a match. I don't think last night qualifies -- Toronto got walked over.

    The scoreboard thing just goes to show how biased coverage is of these games. The tech guys are just inventing scores now to make it seem like Toronto's competing. And I'm sure Leaf fans everywhere are buying it.

  4. Looks like Domi is gone next year too.Trading Tucker and Antropoop would help them as well.

  5. Duff, explain how trading Tucker'd help? Defensive liability I'll grant, but he has more goals than anyone on the team... and usually plays his heart out, which is more than can be said for too many players. Plus, everyone in Ottawa hates him, which has to be a good sign, right?

  6. Gotta agree with Jameso, on any given night, he is the ONLY one hitting people... I don't mean patently dirty hitting, I just mean finishing checks. Nobody else does it, even the guys paid to do it - Domi, Belak... Now this Ondrus kid, keep him on the "energy" line, he's shown some pop and is getting dirty, unlike others... But to comment on the topic of the blog, why does it seem like if they don't get the first goal, they just quit? I mean, 2 goals down early is a little bit of a downer but you've practically got 2.75 periods left to get them back. But they didn't. After the 2 quick ones, they folded like a cheap suit. Inexcusable... I don't want them to make the playoffs, then "maybe" the true house cleaning will take place... Well, OK that's not true, I kinda, sadistically want them to make the playoffs but a house cleaning wouldn't hurt... We'll see what happens tomorrow night.

  7. I think you could get some decent prospects for him.Finding someone to play on Sundins'line would be more useful in my opinion.

  8. Well, it is true you'd get more for him now than ever before, and probably ever again.

  9. Well, as a Sens fan the only thing I rue is Sens in first and Toronto in 8th.

    Lord knows we've seen how the Sens and Leafs match up in the playoffs.

    Good to see the Leafs blowing it with every opportunity.