Friday, March 17, 2006

Trade analysis

Since the Leafs here can't come up with any smack, I'll post something I found amusing from Sens fan AQG here:
Look at this face! In a few weeks, he better have some facial hair and have lost this baby fat. And learn a meaner expression. (What is this, exactly?!)


  1. Leafs fans avoid making attacks on Senators players looks, knowing we're in danger of a decisive rebuttal about that stunned look Aki Berg carries around with him next to the monkey on his back.
    Alfie still has the most questionable (major-player) playoff beard this side of Jerome Iginla...

  2. And Arnason is Ottawa #1 center behind this guy. Luckily they have this guy to protect them.

  3. Yeah Spezza looks like a drunk monkey. Not sure how Arnason is a number one centre but what can you do.