Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shocking revelation

McMurty points us to the this:
The Toronto Star is reporting that the CBC and Hockey Night In Canada is Toronto-centric and displays a favoritism towards the Maple Leafs to the point of neglecting the other Canadian teams!. I'm just waiting for their shocking expose on how water is wet, followed by a six-part investigation into the Pope actually being Catholic.


  1. Does the Star employ anyone with even two neurons to rub together?

    Cherry is a commentator. And he's shown he'll comment on whatever the hell he wants, without running it by the Chris Zelkovich Opinion Scrutiny Committee to get the Official Seal of Approved Diversity Level first. Suck it. But thanks for jamming most of the column full of whining about Cherry anyway.

    As for his other "point": the CBC showing more Leaf games than other Canadian teams, well, as Zelkovich himself points out, that's where the audience is. Suck it. The other option (showing more games of less popular teams to assuage the feelings of gap-toothed coneheads from the gloomy hinterlands of the nation) would in fact just confuse Bob Cole even further. Besides, it's up to the other franchises, not the CBC, to expand their own audience bases to match the Leaf juggernaut. Suck it.

    In conclusion: suck it.

  2. Ottawa fans shouldn't complain about pro-Leaf coverage on the CBC when there are Ottawa games that aren't even shown on TV in Ottawa (i.e. Sunday's vs Philadelphia). If a local Ottawa station can't justify broadcasting an Ottawa game, then why would you expect CBC to be Ottawa-centric instead of Toronto-centric.

    Oh, and try listening to the Team 1200 some time. They talk about the Leafs a ton too.

  3. Seriously...

    I think the real reason they don't like the CBC's coverage of the Sens is because they don't have enough Berkenstock commercials and Cherry doesn't discuss the best way to hug a tree!

  4. Nevermind.

    I'll leave it for the political blogs...

  5. The CBC are a bunch of rump wrangling flower childs that should have been taken in a Magic Bus back in the 70's and dropped off in a pot field.

    How can you justify showing Coronation street, Anne of Green Gables. It's a bunch of crap. Time to revamp the CBC so that it actually shows some programs that will get it new viewers.

    And as for the HNIC being biased. It is based out of Toronto, the commentators are all from Ontario mainly the southern region so Toronto has probably always been their favorite team. Is it any wonder they may be biased??