Thursday, November 17, 2005

Leafs 4 Bruins 1

By The Meatriarchy

Finally a game that featured good goaltending combined with scoring from the big guys. Lindros and Sundin had goals and Allison had two assists. Incidentally did anyone notice how nervous Allison was in the post game interview? His voice was shaking and he was stammering over his words. I’ve heard rookies who sounded more poised. Maybe all the chatter lately about his going over Quinn’s head to demand more ice-time is getting to him.

But he was named first star and with good reason. Despite all the talk about his performance Allison has had 9 points in his past 9 games, remember when he was signed this summer it was thought if he could be a point a game player it would be a good signing. Well he’s held up his end of the bargain as far as I am concerned.

Welcome to the fishbowl that is Toronto Jason. Just keep getting the points and the background noise will soon disappear (unless you are traded soon).

Boston looked pretty flat tonight. They did pepper Tellqvist with some shots in the first two periods but by the third they looked like they had run out of gas completely.

I like the way the Leafs are playing defensively lately however the shots on goal are still a little high. And guess what? If you're playing Toronto you probably want to stay out of the penalty box. The Leafs currently have the best power play in the league - those who haven’t watched this team over the past 7 years have to realize just how significant this is.

For years the Leafs have been hobbled with a sub-par power play and to see it finally clicking is a great thing. Although there are plenty in the media who think that it is a sign of how weak the Leafs are because they don’t score as many in 5 on 5 situation. Now I’m no hockey expert (ok I like to think I am) but a good power play has long been considered one of the cornerstones of a successful team. Except I guess where the Leafs are concerned.

Lindros who scored his 10th goal tonight leads the Leafs in goals and has now equaled his output from the last time he played when it took him 31 games to score 10. Eric’s goal came on a beauty pass between the legs from Domi – has he been taking lesson’s from Wellwood?

Boston fans were not happy with their teams performance tonight and let the Bruins know it with a cascade of boos as the game wound down. All is not right in Beantown right now.

With the win the Leafs extend their winning streak to three move into a tie with Philly and are now just two points behind Ottawa (well as I right this Ottawa has just pumped in two goals against Florida so I assume they will hold on and regain their four point bulge).

Saturday is the grudge match with the Atlanta . The Leafs want to avenge the cheap shots that Atlanta took at their star players last time and the Thrashers want to avenge a 9-1 drubbing they suffered in that same game.

Should be a good one.


  1. But they're a solid sixth. ;)

  2. There are 4 teams that appear to have separated themselves from the rest of the pack in the eastern Conference. Ottawa, Montreal, Carolina and Philadelphia. Toronto has a .500 record against those 4 teams. Ottawa's record against the other three? .500. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  3. Three more games, well when you can berly beat Florida and Carolina, three games isn't that much.

  4. They can't beat Carolina.

  5. Except in the playoffs...