Sunday, November 20, 2005

Leafs 5 Thrashers 1

By The Meatriarchy

I missed the entire game so I have no comment other than a four game win streak sure looks good right now.

Also seems that the Leafs have finally figured out how to play defense in the new NHL. Much less time in the penalty box and fewer goals against as well.

Anyone who has watched this team closely over the past few years has seen similar patterns. The team seams to look a little shaky in the early going and then rounds into form.

Lets hope this is happening this time.

BTW : McCabe is on pace for a 113 point season at this juncture.


  1. How much of the Leafs' current win streak can be explained away by weak opposition?

    Lighting up Atlanta is hardly a monumental task, the Bruins are stinking out the joint, and the Rangers are cooling off.

    Montreal is an excellent team this year, so the win against them cannot be chalked up to weak opposition - however I think Leaf fans remember how that game was tied up.... a fluke goal late in the game. Hardly a deserved win.

    Build a streak against some talented cubs and then get back to me.

  2. And the Sens have lost all their games against the other division leaders.

    Philly and Carolina.

    Both of whom Toronto has beat.

  3. And that has anything to do with the Toronto streak how? Can't beat the logic, so you bob and weave instead?

  4. Big Freaking deal people. The quality of the teams doesn't mean that they always play shitty? Atlanta stunk it up at the beginning of the season and now they've started to get things together. Toronto did a good job of containing them.

    You have to think that Ottawa has the same team it did for the last few years minus a few boobs. An you add a couple of amazing talents who don't try and steal the show.

    Toronto is dealing with a few losses of good players and the addition of some more so it takes time to gel.

    Also I think that not playing teams from the West has kept Ottawa at the top. The west teams would walk all over the East teams if they played them on a regular basis.

  5. "And that has anything to do with the Toronto streak how? Can't beat the logic, so you bob and weave instead?"...

    Meatriarchy made a comment on how a four game win streak was nice, regardless of who they beat.

    Get "Don" to write a Sens article so you can discuss how fantastic and amazing the sens are instead of commenting negatively on every Leaf article...

    The real logic here is, the Leafs have won four games in a row... so who's bobbing and weaving?

  6. five-0,

    You really need to learn to read - or else take off those blue-tinted glasses for at least 5 seconds.

    Meatriarchy wrote an article, and I criticized it.... that's what happens on blogs. Amazing concept, I know. The point is not to mindlessly worship every word the author says, but to critically assess, and bring up faults in logic. I did that.

    You're free to disagree with what I write, but try to actually pick apart my comment instead of beating up non-existant strawmen the next time around.

    (For an example of how to effectively respond to a comment, look to yoda's last effort - he makes good ponts.)

  7. Yoda,

    I'd be interested to hear why you think the West is superior to the East, especially this year. Certainly in the past your comment would be valid, but I don't see a lot of frightening talent in the West.... in fact most of the teams look to be sub-standard, with few exceptions (Vancouver and Nashville to name a pair).