Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Quinn Card

Chris McMurty said on my last post way down the comment thread:
I don't even know why I'm bothering with all this nonsense, because this comment thread, and basically, the entire blog, has evolved into some stupid name calling, cheerleading and very little analysis

Okay, okay. I'll admit I'm guilty of the above.

I'll start adding more substantive posts in the days to come but for now I'll leave everyone with this question....

JFJ has a card to play sometime in the next two years if he needs it - the firing of Pat Quinn. If the Leafs hover at 0.500 into 2006 does he use it, does management force him? Will Quinn be let go in the off-season if the Leafs fail to make the playoffs/2nd round/etc?

You may not accept the premise of the question - convinced the Leafs will have a successful season/playoffs. However, if you like to speculate, I'd like to know the range of opinions out there.


  1. Dougie! Dougie! Dougie!

  2. Isn't this the same thing you yourself were commenting about Jaques Martin then reversed your opinion the next year, come to think of it every Sens fan said that Martin should go but next year they were in love with him like little puppy dogs sucking off their mothers tit.

    PS>: Sorry if I offended anyone, if your that fragile and can't take a ribbing then toss your computer out the window and go join Green Peace.

  3. It all depends on why they don't make the playoffs/2nd round/etc. If they don't make it because Belfour, McCAbe, Sundin and Lindros all get injured, you can't really blame Quinn for that. If they don't make it because the team 'gives up' then yeah, get rid of him. Quinn is supposed to be a master motivator and if he can't motivate then a more structured, systems coach is required.

    I don't think management is going to rush pushing Quinn out the door just because the Leafs are .500 on January 15th. Quinn has been a highly successful coach whereever he has coached including the last half decade in Toronto. It is more likely you will make a mistake getting rid of him too soon than keeping him too long and as such I think he survives this season no matter what happens. Maybe next summer a move happens but not before then.

  4. Many Sens fans wanted Martin fired before the 2002/3 season but after getting within a goal of the Stanley Cup final that season most changed their minds saying he deserved one last chance to finish the job.

  5. Completely agree with Johnson...

    Quinn will be around until at least the end of the year.
    The thing with him is, he consistently gets the most out of his guys. He almost seems to coach better when key guys are out of the lineup.

    The thing with Martin was that he seemed to hinder the true potential of this squad. While Quinn gets the most out of his squads, Martin consistently seemed to not get enough... his players always seem content, and he made them feel that way! Never publically challenged any of them, never publically backed them up, never challenged another coach when things were said about his team/players!

    That's obviously changed under Murray.

  6. Wow! 5-o finally has made some sense(for a leafer)(lol)...I have to agree with him/her,that Quinn does get the most out of his players and that is JfJ's dilema.If he fires Quinn,some of the players may become average again like Mcabe and Lindros .JFJ would be on the hook.

  7. And if they fired him the Sens might actually beat the Leafs in the playoffs!

  8. Your name would suggest that you're a golfer...

    You must be good.

    All that practice early in the spring because your team has been eliminated from the playoffs!

  9. Once again I would have to agree with you 5-0,the sens have been outcoached by the leafs in the playoffs.Goaltending too,I would add...p.s my golf game sucks and so do the leafs....FORE!!!!

  10. Who replaced Quinn already? He doesn't play rookies.

    prematurely blow your load much? Fire Quinn? Ha!