Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rumour Du Jour

Via Hockey Leaks

Pittsburgh is apparently shopping Ziggy Palffy, and as crazy as this sounds I've heard Allison and Kronwall/Colaiacovo for Palffy. The numbers would be about equal as far as cap space goes, and the Leafs were very interested in Palffy this summer. This could be one to watch.

We'll let Strachan shoot this one down tomorrow shall we?


  1. Never happen, Palffy is playing to well with Crosby. Maybe they're looking to dish off LeClair.

  2. Fedorov a Blue Jacket...cross him off your list, boys!

  3. Colaiacovo is a D-man though, isn't he? And if I'm the Pittsburg GM, isn't that what I need more than a Plaffy right now?

    Replacing Allison for Plaffy wouldn't rob Pittsburg of too many points as Allison is normally a first or second line player.

  4. Well actually looking at that now, it isn't a bad trade, the Pens get a good forward in Allison and a good young D in Coliachovo.

    I'm warming up to it.