Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rumour du Jour

By The Meatriarchy
Several sources including Bob Mckenzie of TSN have Jason Allison being shopped by the Leafs. The big center has played well but has been a defensive liability and has been unhappy with his playing time.

Center is just about the only position where the Leafs have any depth with Sundin Lindros Stajan and Wellwood all playing very well.

The big stumbling block is supposedly Allison's contract which is heavily laden with bonuses and by extension - cap ramifications. Apparently the Leafs want a strong player in return - preferably a puck moving defenseman like Janne Niinimaa from the Islanders (whose name has come up in rumours already this year).

The Leafs do have to address the defensive situation as Kaberle and McCabe will probably begin to break down if they have to log 30 mins a game for 82 games.

I wouldn't like to lose Allison unless the return was good but some people are speculating that he might even be put on waivers - I hope that isn't true.

Still Leafs fans have to be encouraged that the team's development system is producing NHL calibre talent that would allow the Leafs to sacrifice Allison to address team weaknesses in other areas.


  1. Any new rumours on the trio of Tucker, O'Neill, Belak? Their -10 (each) makes the "TOR R" stand out on the last page of the +/- rankings. (Allison, at -6, is two pages up. I can see why you wouldn't like to lose him.)

  2. I think getting rid of Allison so soon might be a mistake.

    In the games I've seen, I thought he was very mediocre and average, and despite his stats, most who have witnessed every Leafs game seem to think the same thing.

    But still, he hasn't played in two years. It might take him a little longer to find his groove than the rest.

    Plus, he's a guy from Southern Ontario who took less money to come to Toronto. Moving him so soon sort of sends a bad message to the rest of the players in the league.

    Having said all that, if he's causing trouble in the room and complaining about his ice time, then they absolutely should send Allison packing. But up to this point that hasn't really been the case, has it?

  3. It'll be tough for Toronto to trade him as they'll need someone with the same salary as him, and same skill level. They need to get him to pick up his performance a bit before they trade him.

  4. They need to get him to pick up his performance a bit before they trade him.

    Allison: 18 games, 3 goals, 13 assists, 16 points.

    Yeah, he's such a loser, considering he's only third on Leaf scoring.