Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No pizza for you.

One goal for the mighty Sens?
Uh, the team was distracted by the election talk. Yeah - that's it.

0 for 8 on the powerplay including a 5 on 3 in the late stages of the third. I think everyone was expecting them to tie it up.

A couple bits from Sens bloggers.....

Hockey Country:
I mentioned Alfredsson’s affliction for missing the goal when playing the point on the PP above, but the entire team was particularly poor in this sense last night. On the Team 1200’s post game show they said the Sens had 28 missed shots, and while I’m not sure that number is official, it doesn’t sound outrageous.

No kidding! I think the Sens must have busted a couple dozen shinpads last night - a lot of big shots blocked by Carolina.

It's only the third loss this season, but it's the third too many. (I'm still in my unreasonable expectations mode here, give me a few hours.) The power-play could have tied this, won this for us so many times, so it's time to blow the whole power-play up. They're too tenative, too scared on the puck on the power-play. Hell, most of the time, they have better chances on the penalty kill.

I think Havlat had more shots on the penalty kills than we would get on the PP.

Jacques returns to Ottawa tomorrow. Should be a good one.


  1. I'm sorry but youi sens people have your heads way to far in the sky. The Hurricanes are a good team, they have a awesome young player in Staal. 2 good goalies and a lot of hard working players.

    So you lost boohoo. We all get those games! Suck it up and grow some backbones.

  2. I didn't say that!

    Who the hell is pretending to be me.

    Must be that numbskull Penguins fan Yoda! I can tell from the disconnected sentences...

  3. It does seem frustrating that two of our three losses come at the hands of the Hurricanes.

    Of course, if we had seven losses (and two more OTLs), like some other Ontario team, it might be tough to keep track of who fed us dinner.

    But rather than dwell on last night's Ottawa game, I want to talk about the Leaves highlight (I was out, and didn't have sound) of a wide open net ... and shooting wide. Who does that?

  4. And the official number of missed shots for Ottawa was 25. Somehow I don't feel that much better about it.

  5. I was at last nights game. Here is what I wrote about Ottawa's PP and why it might not be as good as it should be when you consider Ottawa's 5-on-5 play.

    Ottawa’s power play continues to struggle going 0 for 8. I think one of the reasons Ottawa’s PP doesn’t seem as as good as 5 on 5 is because Ottawa scores so many of their goals via the transition game. They play a high pressure defense and immediately upon a turnover they hit the rocket boosters out of their own end and score a lot of goals on the (odd man) rush. For obvious reasons this doesn’t happen during PP situations. Even in the offensive zone they play a high-pressure forecheck really challenging the opposing team to make perfect passes to clear the puck out of their own end. Any indecisiveness and they force the turnover which they frequently capitalize on. Again, this situation doesn’t present itself as much in powerplay situations.

  6. "missed shots" was a topic that came up over at The Battle of Alberta a couple of weeks ago because, at the time, a Flame (Phaneuf) and an Oiler (Stoll) led the league in that category. Not far behind was Alfredsson.

    Currently, Lecavalier leads the league in missed shots with 42. Phaneuf (36) and Stoll (32) follow at 2nd and 3rd, and Alfredsson is 9th with 29 missed shots.

    FYI, further down the list has McCabe at 29th (24 missed), Lemieux at 32nd (23 m/s), and the next Senator is Havlat at 74th with 19 missed shots.

  7. 2003/04:

    Ottawa PP%: 1st overall
    Atlanta PP%: 23rd overall


    Ottawa PP%: 14th Overall
    Atlanta PP%: 3rd Overall

    2003/04 League leader in power play points (with 39): Marian Hossa.

    I'm just saying.

  8. I think Hossa would make a big difference on the PP if he were still here but I think Heatley is a nicer fit for Ottawa.

    If your going to rely on turnovers for your goals you better get a different strategy for the Post Season cause those teams aren't going to play sloppy and give up a lot of turnovers.

    Ottawa is out Second Round in the Playoffs.