Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Best Line in Hockey

The Star's Hockey Page takes a look.


  1. Definitley the best line in hockey right now!

    Just don't name the line... That's the kiss of death!

    Remember the "Ministry of Offence"?
    Dackell, Yashin, McEachern...
    That's trying a little too hard.

    The name has to just happen...

    The kid line, the kraut line, production line, gag line, legion of doom...

  2. How did the Hound line come about?


    Remember their song?

  3. Don, they all went to Notre Dame in Sask. - The Notre Dame Hounds ("Hounds" because Father Athol Murray, who started the college, would yell, "skate, you hounds, skate!" at his players)

  4. Honestly, this whole naming question has lasted far longer than most Leafs lines... please, just name the damn thing, even if just Line A, or forget about it...

  5. If the Sens lose to Carolina tonight I think they have to be officially called the Tornado line. Why? Well because they blow by you and cause a lot of damage but when it comes to storms they just can't match Hurricanes.

  6. Tornados are a lot more powerful than a Hurricane, they're just not as big so they don't do as much damage.

  7. Which has the greater cumulitve force? Right, Hurricanes.

  8. Pound for Pound a Tornado is stronger, the area covered and total devastation caused, sure a hurricane is worse, but anyway's who cares.

    All the Senators are Liberal appointies so they can weather a storm real well so it shouldn't be a surprise that they won!! HAHA, had to throw a little political fun in there for Don.

  9. Senators are also frequently absent from work, especially in the spring as the weather starts to get nice. :)