Thursday, November 10, 2005

Calder chances

Am I right to say that there hasn't been a Leaf winner of the Calder trophy since Brit Selby?

Wendel here was close in '86 - an amazing season by cheap shot artist Gary Suter took it away from him.

Could Alexander Steen actually bring the award to Toronto from under the noses of Ovechin/Crosby/Phaneuf?

Alfie in '96 won it for the Senators. An update on Brandon Bochenski - a long shot Calder pick of some people after his amazing preseason - he's got 2 goals and 4 pts in the 3 games back in Binghamton.


  1. His deke on Theodore tonight was pretty sick.

  2. Crosby hasn't lived up to his billing?? Have you watched many of the Pens games??

    When Crosby gets the puck on the Ice he dominates the game. He is more talented than any of the other rookies out there. He does get over shadowed by a guy name Mario.

    I will say that Ovechkin will probably win the calder but he isn't playing any better than Crosby, Ovechking is a pure goal scorer and thats it, you won't see him streak the length of the ice like a Bure.