Friday, June 15, 2007

Haulin' Hardware

I was waiting for PPP to post this, since he was in fact in attendance at the NHL Awards last night. He seems to be MIA at the moment. Perhaps he stayed up until the wee hours drinking on the patio at Gretzky's with Pronger and Neidermayer? Maybe they got hosed and ranted about the politics of voting and how "nobody will eveerr win the God Damn norrisss ssoooo long as that bastaarddd Lidstrom is stillll arround..."
It's fixed. I tell ya.

Do I need to post the winners? Probably not. It's a toss up between my laziness and your hockey savvy. I'm quite sure everyone saw the show or has read who won by now.

My only surprise on the night is that Afraidsson didn't win the Hart. I mean seriously, the guy is amazing.
(insert straight face staring... just staring).

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