Friday, June 15, 2007

Do or should Leaf fans want another team in Ontario?

I was thinking today as I read the latest Balsille/Predators/Hamilton development about how it will likey be Bettman and the governors that decide whether this thing goes through.

I asked myself the question; 'Self, is the governor of the Senators going to vote for the sale? What about the Leafs?'

Is it in the Senators interest to have an additional Ontario team?

Absolutely. Consider the premium that the Senators charge for Leaf and Hab tickets because of their natural rivalry - a premium that would alse be applied to an additional Southern Ontario team. (No idea yet whether they'd be in the same division or conference so at this point the number of games is unknown.)

Any downside for the Sens? There is no talk of the team being located east of Toronto so there should be no concerns about the new team drawing supporters away from the Sens.

What about the Leafs? They would be affected the most by a new team. LeafsTV and regional broadcasting rights fees would be hit the hardest. I've got to think that the Leafs will be voting against a new team.

Leaf fans? Do you want another team down there?
If you do perhaps you better start letting MLSE know.

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