Monday, October 16, 2006

What do you think?

Steve Simmons:
That tick, tick, tick you're hearing is the sound of the Ottawa Senators. And it's about to blow up, real good ...

Chris Stevenson:
“I heard some of the veteran players aren’t happy playing for Murray,” said one reporter.
It’s like in Montreal there has to be a coach on the verge of being fired and since it sure isn’t Guy Carbonneau right now (he got a wonderful ovation from the Bell Centre crowd as he was introduced for his first regular season home game), Murray is the next best choice.

And in Stevenson's column:
The 32-year-old Gerber was John Muckler's big free-agent signing in the off-season and the general manager isn't going to make that kind of investment without giving the player a chance to prove he is worthy of it.
Now, in general terms, that might make the relationship between a coach and a GM a little frosty since the coach is interested in putting the guy in net who is going to give him the best chance to win that night.

Can't say I've ever been impressed with Murray but to think Muckler is going to go twitchy finger on the trigger is ridiculous - not going to happen. The team has a long time to work out of its funk and only if they are sitting out of playoffs come Christmas could I see a major change happening.
I think Muckler is going to allow this line-up to develop more as they seem to be searching for a style of play. Expect lots of changes to the lines until they find some type of team chemistry.

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